G.N. Mehta Parsi Maternity Hospital was founded in 1916 and R.D. Tarachand Parsi General Hospital in 1920. When founded there were hospital facilities, even for sister communities at this end, as well as in South Gujarat.  As such, these institutions were pioneer in this area and did yeomen services to the members of our community – rich, middle class, as well as the poor.  With the passage of time there have been some good hospitals working on cosmopolitan basis have come up.  However, ours is  the only institutions so far serving free food to patients. An X-ray Department is attached also to the General Hospital.


The financial condition will be clear from the following figures:


 Year                 Mehta Maternity Hospital             General Hospital

2014-15                 (+) 2,20,232.00                                     (-)    4,56,570.92

2015-16                 (+)     61.995.87                                      (-)  11,75,673.00

2016-17                 (+)     77,865.40                                      (-)     5,98,804.81