We were managing a full fledged high school for Parsi Boys with Gujarati as medium of instruction.  During the last few years new educational institutions with English medium started working in surrounding area.  We found from experience that number of Parsi students considerably increased in those institutions.  That adversely affected the number in our school.  We reached a stage when we found it imperative to close down our 125 years old educational institution and start a new one in its place with English as the medium of instruction for boys as well as for Girls.


In June 1975 we started with a nursery and Jr. K.G.  The new institution drew good attention of the society.  During the last several years it has expanded its activities satisfactorily and now we manage full-fledged High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools with English & Gujarati mediums.

In a place like Surat, to be quite correct in any place in Gujarat, it is practically impossible to run an educational institution for Parsis only, the number of the young in the community being very limited.

Under the circumstances our schools are working as cosmopolitan institutions but it accommodates a high percentage of Parsi students  in comparison to other educational institutions of our place.  In the beginning of every term we try to see that as many Parsi young ones as we can – and if feasible all, are admitted.


Bai P.M. Patel (Singanporewala) English School was established on 12th September, 1912 only for Girls.  This school started with the generous donation from  Seth Edulji Kunverji Patel (Singanporewala).  The object of starting the school was that the Parsee girls of the community get education at home town in  English medium.


This school was managed by an independent Board till 30/3/1946.  Thereafter, with the permission of the Court, the management of the school was handed over to the Surat Parsi Panchayat.


Since the school was giving admission to only parsi girls the Government discontinued grant.  However, after taking over the management  by the Surat Parsi Panchayat, the S.S.C. education was started and from 1953, the admission to the school was made cosmopolitan.  Thereafter Government started giving grant to the school and due to the requirement of that time, the medium of education was made Gujarati.

As on today,  the primary section  has  302 girls and at High School level there are 523 girls taking advantage of this school.