Housing facilities

One of our principal activities is to accommodate several Parsi poor and middle class families in flats on cheap rental.  About 167 Parsi families

take advantage of this facility.  Though the Parsi population in this area has decreased, demand for cheap and reasonable rental housing has increased, principally  for two reasons.


Surat is now an important centre of trade and industry. Several industrial units have started working in and around Surat.  The population of the city  has crossed the figure of fifth lakhs.   As a result there is housing shortage and tremendous increase in rentals.  Originally there were Parsi Paras (Streets) here – Nanpura, Rustompura, Gopipura, Saiyedpura.  These puras  or paras were Parsi Colonies where Parsi families used to reside in spacious places.  With  the change in the state of the city the Parsi paras are things of the past and these are now residential places of the cosmopolitan public.

In order to be of assistance to the community members in their search for reasonable rental accommodation our Panchayat  has constructed    three residential buildings in the  recent past.  That has  accommodated several more Parsis.  Even there after if good donations are offered our Panchayat will be prepared to provide further housing on open plots of land belonging to Parsi Panchayat.  The constructions that have been  completed has  proved to be  very expensive that  the Panchayat had to undergo  amounts from its coffers,  as expenses  incurred on this score have  far  acceded amounts of donations received for the purpose.