This institution founded in 1936 caters to the needs of the aged, the infirm, the disabled and the decrepit of the community. By admitting such to the Home, the management enables their relatives not only to enjoy some leisure and pleasure in life, but also to earn and help towards maintaining other members of the family. The entrants are maintained free of any cost. Some give voluntary contributions which is meagre in comparison to what is spent on the inmates.

The Infirmary is housed in five separate adjoining buildings, which are within a couple of minutes walk from our Parsi General Hospital. Arrangement is made for the temporary transfer to the said Hospital of such cases as may need hospitalisation. The doctor of our Parsi General Hospital looks after the health of the inmates. Thus the institution offers the inmates a home with practically every facility an elderly living person would need. And even four-days after death religious ceremonies and first year prayers are being performed when they pass away.

An inmate may stay as long as he or she likes. Ninety five percent of entrants once admitted pass the remaining days of their lives here.

The Nariman Home & Infirmary was the first of its kind in the Parsi Community and its object drew considerable attention of the community. As such on one hand there was a rush of entrants and on the other side good monetary response from the community. As a result the financial circumstances of this institution were and are good in comparison to those of other institutions managed by our Panchayat.

We give below the figures of the last three years
Year            Income                 Expenses
2014-15        90,52,858.00        84,39,353.00
2015-16        89,46,517.00         84,777,97.00
2016-17        82,10,144.00         83,30,929.67

The Nariman Home & Infirmary, as said above, was first of its kind in the community but there are now several such institutions functioning in the name of Infirmary or Home for the aged or Home for Senior citizens. It seems there will be more institutions for senior citizens in coming years. That has already adversely affected number of Parsis – male and females – taking advantage.

It may be added here that this Infirmary is one of the only two which are ready to admit bed ridden people who are well looked after here and for hospitalisation are temporarily transferred to our Parsi General Hospital for treatment and even for operations.